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Why is a Root Canal Considered Oral Surgery?

Why is a Root Canal Considered Oral Surgery?

Root canal therapy is a well-known dental procedure that is often categorized as oral surgery. While it may sound scary, the process of a root canal is actually quite simple and painless when done correctly by a leading oral surgeon in San Bernardino. It is typically used to treat infected or damaged teeth and can even save your tooth from being extracted altogether.

In our previous blog post, we outlined the distinctions between an endodontist and an oral surgeon in San Bernardino. Let�s take a look at why a root canal is considered an oral surgery procedure.

What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment in San Bernardino?

When you undergo a root canal, it is essentially undergoing surgery. Such a complex process requires the expertise of an experienced dentist and specialized materials to complete.

During a root canal treatment in San Bernardino, your dentist will make an opening in your tooth and remove the infected pulp inside. This includes the nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue inside the tooth. Once this infected area has been cleaned, the space inside the tooth will be filled with a special material, which seals off any remaining infection or bacteria from spreading. The opening in the tooth will be closed up with either a crown or another type of filling material.

5 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in San Bernardino:

A root canal can provide many benefits to those who choose to get it done. Some of the advantages include the following:

  1. It can help to reduce any pain or discomfort caused by an infected tooth.
  2. It can also protect other teeth from becoming infected by preventing bacteria from spreading further into your gums and other teeth.
  3. Getting a root canal often saves you from having to get an extraction altogether since it helps preserve your natural teeth while treating any infections or damage they may have suffered over time.
  4. A root canal helps maintain the overall structure and appearance of your teeth.
  5. Getting a root canal can help you to save time and money by treating any infected teeth before they become too severe or require more extensive treatments.


A root canal procedure is considered oral surgery because it involves making an opening in your tooth and removing any infected or damaged tissue from inside of it. If you are experiencing pain due to an infected tooth, seek out professional advice from Dr. Myron Massey, the best dentist in San Bernardino, as soon as possible for the best results! Browse through our website or dial us at 909-888-1301 to gather more information about root canal treatment.

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