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Cosmetic Dentistry San Bernardino, California

Your smile is your asset, so why not make it better? A good-looking smile gives you more self-confidence and can create a good first impression of you. Minor teeth imperfections such as dullness, chips, cracks and misalignments can make the smile uninteresting. A cosmetic dentist, who is well aware of the science of beautiful smile, can transform the appearance of teeth by treating the imperfections. There are a number of dental procedures where the teeth can be reshaped to bring about the desired changes. The experience and skills of the dentist are of high importance for a successful smile makeover process.

At our San Bernardino, CA office we offer a number of cosmetic dental services. Our dental professionals have several years of experience in the restorative care and cosmetic dentistry. Their esthetic sense and knowledge in the field of dentistry help us in successfully achieving the desired results.

What makes a smile beautiful?

Beauty is subjective. What appears to be beautiful for a person may not be the same for the other. But with the smile, beauty is gauged based on the proportions, alignment and color of teeth and the appearance of lips and gums. These factors may decide the confidence level of the person when smiling. People with gaps between teeth, misalignments, crooked teeth and misshapen teeth may hesitate to smile because they are conscious about the appearance. Cosmetic dentistry treatment is aimed at treating such imperfections to beautify the smile.

Esthetics of teeth Length and contours

The length and shape of the visible front teeth can affect the appearance of a smile. Crooked teeth, chipped teeth, and lengthy gum-line can make the smile less interesting.

Alignment of teeth

Misaligned teeth and crowding can affect oral health and the aesthetics of the smile.

Color of teeth

Dull teeth make the smile less attractive. Discolored teeth can make a person look old and unhealthy.

Cosmetic dentistry treatment is aimed at treating such problems to beautify the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry treatment

The first visit to our cosmetic dentist is of high importance. The participation of patients is very much essential in the creation of a beautiful smile. Since the cosmetic dentistry treatment involves patients’ ideas, it is important for patients to make a note of the changes they look forward from the procedures. This helps our cosmetic dentists understand the needs. We perform a thorough oral examination and take images of the teeth before we set a treatment plan for the patient. The treatment options are discussed with patients to help them make an informed decision. The smile makeover process may involve a single procedure or multiple procedures depending on the changes that need to be done.

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