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What Are the Dissimilarities Between an Oral Surgeon and an Implant Dentist?

Difference In Oral Surgeon & Implant Dentist | San Bernardino

Who should you visit? Is it an Oral Surgeon or an Implant Dentist? Well, if you too are confused, read along. Below, you'll find information to help you differentiate an implant dentist from an oral surgeon. Also, few patients have questions like; can oral surgeon in San Bernardino help with sleep apnea? Read along, you’ll come to know who to visit and for what. So, let's begin.

Who's an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon, aka maxillofacial surgeon, is an expert in face, mouth, and jaw surgery. The oral surgeon gets an extra 4-8 years of training apart from regular dental training. And this is what makes him capable of offering better services than a dentist.

Who's an Implant Dentist?

Think of an implant dentist as a regular dentist specializing in dental implants. He gets the normal training as a dentist does. However, an implant dentist in San Bernardino has vivid experience in dealing with dental implants.

When Should You Visit an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon takes care of complex dental procedures. Whenever a dentist finds something out of his reach, he'll refer you to an oral surgeon. Here's when you should visit an oral surgeon in San Bernardino:

  1. Bone work or bone grafting.
  2. Tooth extractions.
  3. Dental implant installation or alignment.
  4. Removal of decayed teeth.
  5. Tumor removal.
  6. And more.

When Should You Visit an Implant Dentist?

An implant dentist is just like your regular dentist. Anything happens related to your teeth, he should be your first point of contact. However, an implant dentist in San Bernardino specializes in implantology. So, if you need treatment regarding the same, you can visit an implant dentist.

Here Are Some Other Reasons To Visit an Implant Dentist in San Bernardino:

  1. Regular dental checkups.
  2. Teeth Cleaning.
  3. Teeth Whitening.
  4. Swollen Gums.
  5. Root canal.
  6. Dental implant installation.

However, if your implant dentist fails to treat you, he'll refer you to an oral surgeon in San Bernardino. And it usually happens whenever something as complex as a surgery pops up. For deeper insights, visit Dr. Myron Massey at Dental Practice of San Bernardino.

The Best Implant Dentistry in San Bernardino:

If you're looking for dental implants in San Bernardino, visit Dr. Myron Massey at Dental Practice of San Bernardino. Dr. Myron Massey is an experienced professional who takes good care of his patients. He makes sure to listen to every patient and makes them feel comfortable. This is what separates Dr. Myron Massey from the crowd. Also, with a long history of treating several patients successfully, you can trust Dr. Myron Massey. So, for reliable dental implant assistance or for other dental care, call now at 909-888-1301 and schedule an appointment today.

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