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Should One Consult an Oral Surgeon To Affix Dental Implant?

Visit an Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants? | San Bernardino

Dental Implant placement is a complex procedure that includes the replacement of damaged, misplaced, or missing teeth with artificial teeth. Dental implant surgery can also be provided by a periodontist, cosmetic dentist, and general dentist. In our previous blog, we have explained the 6 conditions that an oral surgeon in San Bernardino treats. Read along to know when to consult an oral surgeon for dental implants.

The Need for Dental Implant in San Bernardino:

Implant dentist in San Bernardino, can perform diverse dental procedures associated with mouth, jaw, and face deformities. Usually, the implant placements are administered by oral surgeons. This is due to the specifications of the surgery. The surgery can be appropriate for a person if they have more than one missing tooth, and don't have prior health issues. The individual must possess a full-grown jawbone.

The Most Appropriate Person for Dental Implants in San Bernardino:

Despite all these options, an oral surgeon in San Bernardino is the most appropriate provider of dental implants. This is because oral surgeons have a higher expertise level. In some complex cases involving in-depth surgery, the need for bone grafting before surgery is necessary. These complexities are best handled by an oral surgeon. The performance of the surgery solely depends on the implant's nature and the patient’s jawbone condition.

Potential Chance of Risks:

Despite following all safety measures after implant surgery, there could still be some chances of health risks. They can be cured effortlessly with appropriate medication suggested by an oral surgeon.

The Risks Include:

  1. Irritation and inflammation at the site of the implant
  2. Damage to teeth or blood vessels surrounding the implant
  3. Nerve damage and numbness
  4. Aggravated sinus problem

A Demanding Dental Procedure:

Dental Implants in San Bernardino, are one of the most popular dental procedures opted by people. It can also be a time-consuming and monotonous procedure. This is because the adequate healing of the bone is essential. This procedure demands the surgical insertion of a tooth root to hold a dental crown in its proper place.

A dental crowns in San Bernardino is an alternative tooth that fills the gap with misplaced or missed teeth. The margin for error is minimal. Hence an oral surgeon is always the best person to consult for affixing dental implants.

Preparations for the Procedure:

Dental implant procedures can involve oral surgeons and periodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, ENT specialists and prosthodontists. Before the procedure, one must obtain a thorough medical evaluation. Creating a customized treatment groundwork, review of past medical history, and comprehensive dental examination are necessary before following the procedure. An oral surgeon is more than capable of handling all the above complexities.


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