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Dental Implants: A Long-Term Remedy for Missing Teeth

Remedies for Missing Teeth | Dental Implants San Bernardino

When it comes to substituting your missing teeth with other alternatives, dental implants are favored over any other available options. Dental implants comprise three central components: first is the crown, second, the abutment, and finally the titanium implant. San Bernardino Dental implants take after natural teeth.

Read on to discover the reasons why dental implants San Bernardino are regarded as the most durable remedy for missing teeth. And, if you're struggling to teach your child about good oral hygiene here are five prime reasons to take your child to a children dentist in San Bernardino. Read on the advantages and benefits of dental implants for missing teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants Over Other Alternatives:

Detachable dentures and permanent bridges have several disadvantages which dental implants do not. Dental implants are immune to cavities. They don't affect the neighboring teeth adversely. Approach our implant dentist in San Bernardino Dr. Myron Massey who practices at Dental Practice of San Bernardino to understand whether you are an eligible candidate for dental implants or not.

Benefits of Dental Implants in San Bernardino:

  1. No Limitations on Food-Intake:

    After fastening dental implants in San Bernardino, there are no restrictions on the diet to be adhered to. You can consume your most preferred food with freedom.

  2. Conservation of Bones:

    Dental implants become an intimate part of the jaw once it is fastened. There are no drawbacks to the strength of the bone because dental implants stave off bone loss.

  3. No Frustrations:

    You don't have to go through the habitual frustrations associated with dentures. Discomfort and 'ill-fitting' are terms not even remotely connected to dentures.

  4. Unmatched Endurance:

    One needs to substitute dentures and bridges every seven to fifteen years. But, dental implant in San Bernardino does not need such replacements. If maintained properly, they can outlive the person.

  5. The Osseointegration Advantage:

    Dental implants in San Bernardino are fused to the jawbone by the process of Osseointegration. This process guards against potential bone loss. Osseointegration is one of the important reasons why dental implants don't slip or make annoying noises that happen with dentures.

  6. The Titanium Factor:

    San Bernardino Dental implants are manufactured out of titanium. Titanium aids dental implants to fuse with the jawbone. Titanium and alloys of titanium are perfect for dental implants due to their favorable chemical, physical and biological properties.

  7. Works Against Facial Sagging and Aging:

    Facial sagging is one of the many consequences of bone loss due to missing teeth. Consequently, the lower third of the face caves in. Excess wrinkles surrounding the mouth, thin lips, pointed cheeks etc will make the person look older. Dental implants prevent these effects.


If you are in need of dental implants treatment in San Bernardino, consider our implant dentist Dr. Myron Massey at Dental Practice of San Bernardino. For more information call us at (909) 888-1301 and schedule an appointment today.

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