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When to See an Oral Surgeon?

5 Reasons to Visit an Oral Surgeon

Has a toothache been bothering you for several weeks? Do you suffer from severe jaw pain? Have you recently lost a tooth?

Your dentist may have recommended that you consult an oral surgeon with experience in treating your particular condition. Oral surgeons perform a wide range of cosmetic and restorative procedures. While many people still find surgery unpleasant, its effectiveness cannot be denied. The results can be life-changing with its less invasive, painless, and simple procedures. In our previous blog, we have explained 7 things to do after visiting an oral surgeon in San Bernardino. So, when should someone seek the services of an oral surgeon? Read along to know the answer.

5 Reasons to Visit an Oral Surgeon in San Bernardino:

  1. Tooth Extractions:

    An extraction process can be easy if the tooth is already loose and is ready for the dentist to remove. Sometimes, it may be necessary to perform more invasive oral surgery to extract a tooth, particularly if it is impacted.

    There may be circumstances in which prompt tooth removal is necessary. It is not uncommon to experience severe pain bleeding gums, misaligned teeth, severe decay, or cavities beneath the gum line. It is essential to consult an oral surgeon to prevent these conditions from worsening.

    Since oral surgeons have received additional training in oral surgery, they can perform extraction more effectively for broken, or decayed teeth.

  2. Placing Dental Implants:

    The use of dental implants as a means of replacing lost teeth has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves the placement of titanium posts into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth root with a dental crown that resembles a natural tooth. The best way to ensure your implant is placed correctly is to reach out to an oral surgeon. Furthermore, they can help you prepare for dental bridges.

  3. Infections and Oral Cancer:

    An oral surgeon can remove a tumor that is suspected or has been proven to be malignant. A dangerous infection may also need to be removed through surgery which an oral surgeon in San Bernardino can perform.

  4. Cosmetic or Corrective Surgery:

    Surgical correction may be necessary for individuals born with certain jaw deformities, like a receding chin or an asymmetrical jaw. Injuries can also result in deformities that need to be corrected by oral surgeons to cure dysfunction and bite issues. The realignment and reconstruction of a patient's jaw can improve their ability to chew, breathe, and speak properly.

  5. Bone Grafting:

    Oral surgeons can treat the deterioration or resorption of the jawbone. Having missing teeth may cause the bone to shrink and weaken, resulting in additional tooth loss and a change in the shape of your face. However, an oral surgeon can perform a bone graft and prevent your jaw from disintegrating further.


Contact the dental office today with the best oral surgeon and best dentist in San Bernardino. The dental experts and oral surgeons excel in professional and skilled oral care tailored to your unique needs. Why not start changing your life today? Call them right away!

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