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How We Help Patients With Sleep Apnea?

How We Help Patients With Sleep Apnea? | San Bernardino, CA

There are many adults who struggle with sleep apnea. This has become an issue that is increasing every day. So dentists and healthcare experts are finding solutions to help patients sleep better.

Today, people who have sleep apnea are subjected to a variety of treatments. In our previous blog, we have explained 3 types of sleep apnea in San Bernardino. However, many are able to get a proper result from the treatment. Even as obstructive sleep apnea is an issue of concern there are many treatments in sleep clinics.

6 Treatment Followed by Sleep Dentistry in San Bernardino:

  1. Dental Sleep Medicine:

    A sector in dentistry where dentists focus on curing loud snoring and sleep apnea in San Bernardino is called dental sleep medicine. Dentists skilled in this specialization collaborate with doctors and clinicians to find a permanent solution to treat patients' sleep disorders.

  2. Dental Device Integration:

    The first step is to speak to your dentist about the signs and symptoms you're experiencing. After a good examination and diagnosis, a CPAP treatment will be recommended because of the first treatment plan. These appliances are used for mild sleep apnea in San Bernardino problems.

    There are two dental appliances that can be advised. A CPAP appliance has two devices to deal with sleep apnea. One is a mandibular development device (MADs), and the other is a tongue-retaining mouthpiece.

  3. Mandibular Advancement Devices/MADS

    MADs appear like athletic mouth guards which sit over the top and lower teeth. A hinge connects the two trays which are in the middle. At night this device keeps the tongue in a little forward position. Our oral surgeon in San Bernardino specifies that it facilitates maintaining the soft tissues behind the mouth and throat from blocking the airway after they loosen up throughout the sleep time.

  4. Tongue-Retaining Mouthpieces/TRM:

    Tongue-Retaining Mouthpieces are advised to patients who suffer from sleep apnea with very less jaw flexibility. These oral gadgets maintain the tongue from falling back and blocking the airway while sleeping.

  5. A Dentist's Help:

    Dentists who treat sleep apnea in San Bernardino play a very vital role in curing sleep-associated disorders. Dentists get the patient's complete clinical history, become aware of signs, and refer them to a suitable doctor. Then, following a bodily evaluation, analysis, and sleep test, the dentist can assist in deciding if an oral tool can be a solution. Only the ones educated in dental sleep remedies can offer suitable oral appliances. This treatment is continued until the problem progresses.

  6. Getting It Treated:

    Oral appliances have to be used whilst you work with the dentist on an OSA treatment plan with you. These appliances are prescribed by a dentist who specializes in treating sleep disorders.


If you are experiencing sleep apnea symptoms or cannot decipher the signs then consider an appointment with Dr. Myron Massey at the Dental Practice of San Bernardino for sleep apnea in San Bernardino. Dr. Myron Massey and the team he leads offer the best sleep apnea treatments and other dental services in the region. Browse through our website or dial us at 909-888-1301 to have a conversation right away.

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