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Can Summer Affect Sleep Apnea?

4 Summer Effects of Sleep Apnea | San Bernardino

Summer means fun time. But summer can spoil your sleep routine and could trigger or worsen sleep apnea San Bernardino in an individual. One might not get enough sleep in summers as they get during other seasons in the year. Consequently the quality of your sleep plummets. In our previous blog, we have explained 4 overviews of how sleep dentistry in San Bernardino feels like. However, in this blog, some of the factors occurring during summer which are responsible for aggravating sleep apnea shall be discussed.

4 Summer Effects of Sleep Apnea in San Bernardino:

  1. Sleeping Less Frequently:

    It's normal to sleep late at night in the summers. This effect is produced due to the added hours of daylight. You may feel more exhausted than normal, especially if your schedule adjustment causes you to miss utilizing your sleep apnea medication, such as CPAP or oral appliance treatment.

  2. More Time Spent Outside:

    When you have allergy symptoms that lead to sleep apnea, spending more time outside might aggravate them. Increased nasal obstruction and other allergy-related problems may occur, exacerbating your sleep apnea.

  3. More Traveling:

    Summer is an ideal season to travel because of the pleasant weather. You could forget to follow your sleep apnea in Bernardino treatment medicines with you or believe that missing a few nights won't make a difference. However, even missing it for one night might result in more breathing disruptions throughout your sleep and a relapse the next day.

  4. Steps to Improve Sleep:

    ust strictly adhere to your treatment plan. Moreover, by implementing these techniques, you can increase the overall quality of your sleep:

    1. Make your sleeping quarters as pleasant as possible. Switching on the fan would keep the place cool and provide some sound in the background, which may help you relax. If somehow the sun continues to wake you up too quickly, consider investing in blackout curtains.
    2. Light inhibits the synthesis of the chemical that regulates your sleep cycle. During summer, the sun will continue to shine late into the evening, so limit your exposure to light in the hours preceding night.
    3. Take time to unwind before attempting to sleep; being far too active in the evening can make it difficult for your body to sleep.


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